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Schedule a Session

I invite you to schedule an Angel Therapy® Session to help you consciously participate in your own spiritual evolution and confirm your purpose in life. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Christian Mystic and Author my soul purpose is to use my “gift” to help you connect with the Angelic Realm.

An Angel Therapy Session lasts approximately one hour. I do not charge for any extra time that heaven “gifts” you to receive your important message. A one-hour session is $100. I also offer healing from a past life karma. If you would like to add this to your Angel Therapy Session, it would be a 1 1/2 hour session and the fee is $150. Half-hour sessions are also available for trial or follow-up appointments.

To schedule an Angel Therapy® Session, you may complete the form below or contact me directly by phone: 973-635-5505 or email: You may then arrange payment via PayPal or by Money Order.

Karma Release and Angel Therapy Sessions

May the Awakening to Angels bring you many blessings!
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"Thank you so much for bringing the angels to my husband and daughter on Saturday. Now you've met the whole family! Their reading brought much joy and peace to them. You are truly a blessed messenger. Looking forward to another special Angel encounter in the future!" -Betty
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