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About Irene

As an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Christian Mystic and Author, my soul purpose is to use my “gift” to help you connect with the Angelic Realm. I love to share my knowledge to awaken your intuitive power within and transcend the illusion of limitation and separation. Ultimately my work is to help you consciously participate in your own spiritual evolution and find your purpose in life.

With decades of spiritual practice, I am honored to be recognized as an intuitive spiritual teacher and counselor. As a child, communication with spirits was my “normal”. When I matured, I experienced an extraordinary manifestation of Archangel Michael (displayed in my Awakening to Angels logo), who inspired me to take an amazing spiritual path to the mysterious unknown following a very clear message:

“Irene Sonja, You are the miracle. I have given you Thy Self. The “miracle from the heart” is you! I am happy with all my children, but some are seeking to contribute to ease the pain of this generation. While you are seeking, you will see that you are not different from anybody else. Yet you are a temple, and God wants to fill you with His Spirit and give you peace. I want my secrets publicized. Make public your secrets! You have Divine secrets.”

Archangel Michael was the Messenger for this life-transforming message and I began working with the angels as my daily ritual. It is no coincidence that a few years later I became known as the “Angel Lady” and now I feel blessed to be working in the exciting energy of a mystical world. The veil of illusion and separation is finally lifted. At this level of consciousness, the ego is silenced and communication with the spirit realm of Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides is natural and flows easily. I am completely surrendered to Francis of Assisi’s prayer: “Lord make me an instrument of Thy Will.”

As a medium, I offer Angel Therapy® Sessions, past life regression, and spiritual counseling to a growing international community via social media, blog and publication.

My book, Miracle from the Heart, was born during my “dark night of the soul” when I was facing my own spiritual crisis. A spiritual crisis is an inner turmoil, usually the fundamental component that opens the way to a profound change. The inspired messages I received during my travel on this path to spiritual awakening convey a universal message to anyone who is interested in unlocking the mystery of life.

To schedule an Angel Therapy® Session in person, by Skype or by telephone, please contact me.

May the Awakening to Angels bring you many blessings!
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"I am thankful for the amazing soul you are and all the guidance and direction you give me. Your spirituality and knowledge are amazing and I hope to learn many more amazing things from you. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being such a strong powerful force in my life." -Pauliana
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