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Success Stories

Thank you to all the clients who shared their personal experiences. I am truly grateful for your feedback. - Irene Sonja
  • "This message carries with it heartfelt gratitude from my soul to yours and that which created and sustains all. I’m so grateful our paths crossed and for the affirmations and insights our session provided. What a profoundly beautiful experience. I will be passing your contact info along to others."  -Laurie
  • "Thank you for last night’s info! AMAZING and so helpful! I thank God every day for putting you in my life. You are so special and the work you do is VERY VALUABLE; you literary stop people from going mad! I will follow the angels’ instructions to the letter and keep on praying. I am very excited about my future and cannot wait for what God has in store for me!!! Meanwhile I wish you all the BEST because YOU ARE THE BEST!" -Katie
  • "I am thankful for Irene Sonja Fanane. So many years have passed since we first met. I am thankful for the amazing soul you are and all the guidance and direction you give me. Your spirituality and knowledge are amazing and I hope to learn many more amazing things from you. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being such a strong powerful force in my life." -Pauliana
  • "Irene Sonja is truly a blessing to have on this planet and I highly recommend getting a reading from her. She is a very loving and generous person, and you know she does this kind of work because she really cares. She helped me during a times of crisis when I didn’t know what else to do. I received peace of mind and a very unique healing experience. And you never know who will end up coming through to deliver your reading; I have had angels and Mother Mary. She is truly a gift." -Diana
  • "God put you in my life for a very special purpose and I am Eternally Grateful! You are the little spotlight for me. That Flash of light that I need on this Earth when I can't seem to see through the Fog. You bring me to tears and straighten my path. You release the fear from me. He sends me Powerful Strength through You. Again I Thank God for You." -Chris
  • "Thank you so much for bringing the angels to my husband and daughter on Saturday. Now you've met the whole family! Their reading brought much joy and peace to them. You are truly a blessed messenger. Looking forward to another special Angel encounter in the future!" -Betty
  • "I sincerely wanted to thank you again from my deepest inner being. Our session today was so much more than I could have ever expected. I feel almost serene in a way that I cannot begin to explain. I was somewhat elated when I left, I had a smile that was coming from deep within my soul. I have always been known for my smile, but for so long I have felt like I have not really been able to truly smile. But now thanks to you, I am on my way back. I can feel an inner light shining through, the one that I so need to follow. I know it is my Desiree who will always lead me, but it is thanks to your loving hand that reached out, that so deeply touched me and guided me away from the darkness. I will now be able to overcome this depression that I have been denying for so long. You enlightened me in so many ways today, ways that I could no longer refuse."  -Sally
  • "No one interview can tap into the untapped reservoir of strength, light and knowledge you have been given and for the skeptics...well, there are many. I know your abilities, along with the other fortunate few, but in due time many more will know and seek the answers from our angels which we all have just been unable to listen to, and accept, what they are saying to us. We never walk alone." -Val

  • If you have ever wanted to have an Angelic reading, Irene is the person to go to. Through her pure connection to source, her readings are extremely profound, inspiring, and very healing. I had many questions which the Angels answered through Irene. The messages that came through gave me peace and an understanding of situations that I had a difficult time with. Thank you and God Bless you Irene!” -Heidi S.
May the Awakening to Angels bring you many blessings!
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Ultimately my work is to help you consciously connect with your Angels and Guides for a happy, purpose-driven life. -Irene
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