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Thank you for your interest in Miracle from the Heart. By visiting the links you may read pages from my book, explore the book reviews (see samples below) and place an order on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Please reach out to me with any questions or feedback. You can call me at 973-635-5505 or email me at

Book Reviews:
  • It takes time to savor the content like fine aged wine. By Lynda S.

    I found Miracle from the Heart to be full of extraordinary personal experiences and highly Intuitive Revelations for the author about the events she shared. I believe it takes a great deal of Courage for someone to feel so dedicated to Service that she would follow her Heart and Soul to share such intimate details with others. The author has an authentic appeal and speaks honestly about her personal mystical journey over many years. However, the content of her "messages" is quite deep and requires the reader's full attention to read from a Quiet Centered Place in oneself in order to absorb the beautiful Energies that were revealed. I found this book engaging and fascinating, yet deeply thought provoking. This is not a quick and easy read. It takes time to savor the content like fine aged wine but it is well worth the time one puts into it. I am very pleased to have found this book because few authors speak to the Heart while allowing personal reflection for one's own questions regarding the true purpose of one's life. Well done.

  • Miracle from the Heart is a spiritually enlightening masterpiece. By Joseph M.

    Miracle from the Heart is a spiritually enlightening masterpiece. It validates and illuminates God’s unconditional love and mercy for each and every one of us. It gives you insight on your own personal journey of faith. Irene is an earth angel with a beautiful spirit whose charisma and spiritual intellect overflow. Finding your way to Irene for an angel reading is no coincidence. God has something He wants to say to you. Irene labors in the vineyard as God’s messenger. She reveals to you the direction God wants you to go. Each of us signs a contract before coming to Earth. God gives us the tools necessary to fulfill that contract. The rest is up to us—it’s called free will. Being channeled to Heaven has opened the door to a New World, a world beyond human imagination and thought. A world where you share in God’s thinking and power. A world of eternal bliss with the Holy Trinity, Mary, the Blessed Mother of God, the angels and saints, and all our loved ones. We are citizens of Heaven.

  • It’s SO spiritual, so touching, and so helpful. By Katriina

    I read the first chapter of your book and from the beginning on, I could not put it down and I wish that I could express more elegantly how AWESOME is the content of your book! It’s SO spiritual, so touching, and so helpful. So much like you, my BELOVED teacher!

  • Miracle from the Heart is a great reading. By Anthony M.

    Miracle from the Heart is a great reading. After you finish the book, you have such a great knowledge of who you are, why you are here, and what is your mission in this life. From our past lives to the present life is a learning process for our souls to prepare to enter the kingdom of heaven. Irene’s book is the proof of how God works in our lives and the glory that awaits us if we do what He tells us. The best is yet to come. When you visit Irene for an Angel Reading, she is an amazing messenger who will connect you with the world to come. Your questions are already known to God before you even ask them. You witness the proof of the connection between people in past lives and their roles in your life today. It is no coincidence why people are sent to Irene. God is calling you because he wants to speak to you. The mind of God is so beautiful and all He wants us to do is to love and trust in Him.
May the Awakening to Angels bring you many blessings!
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"Miracle from the Heart is a spiritually enlightening masterpiece.” -Joseph M.
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